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We have expertise in business management, live event planning and execution, sales, as well as graphic and interactive communication.

KetoCon Statement

QI Productions will offer credits (the “Credits”) to attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors of Ketocon in 2020 (“KetoCon 2020 Participants”) in the amount of the payment that the Ketocon 2020 Participants made to participate in KetoCon 2020. Such credits shall be available for use by the KetoCon 2020 Participants only for application to the same type of payment (e.g. registration, attendance, exhibition or sponsorship fees) for a live KetoCon 2021. A live KetoCon 2021 may or may not be held depending on numerous factors. Accordingly, KetoCon 2021 will be held at the sole and absolute discretion of Q1 Productions.

Please write to help@ketocon.org if you have questions about your ticket or sponsorship.


Ketogenic Lifestyle Coaching

With years of keto experience, hundreds of pounds lost, improved athletic performance (and physique), and recaptured health, our Ketogenic Lifestyle Coaches can help you change your life.

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Certified Ketogenic

Providing true certification to businesses looking to distinguish themselves while gaining greater brand visibility as active participants in the growing ketogenic community.

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My Ketogenic Kitchen

My Ketogenic Kitchen is dedicated to improving the meals you make while on a ketogenic diet. The blog and Facebook group provide inspiration and recipes for the best, family-friendly keto meals day after day.

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The Ketogenic Athlete

A facebook group focused on optimizing human performance using exercise and a ketogenic diet and lifestyle.

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